Graeme Fairey

Club One Seven, Chiang Mai......What a wonderful establishment; I only wish I had allowed myself more time there. As an ex-hospitality manager of 30-something years, I can only congratulate you on your friendly yet professional approach to all your guests. I am planning to return to Thailand in a few months time and will most certainly be spending most of it with you. [One small thing..... Thai breakfast please.... we have very good Ham, eggs and omelettes at home here in New Zealand. I come to Thailand to see you and eat your food.] On the whole though....... 5 stars from me.......Thanks guys, well done......

Update : 19-07-2011


My Thai friend and I enjoyed our stay at Club One Seven. It is for those who want some quiet time and to just relax. My suggestion is to first stay a couple days in downtown area of Chang Mai to see most of the sites, then go to Club One Seven to unwind for a few days. Great staff and the lay-out of the place is great.

Update : 19-07-2011


I don't have enough words to write because I just have so many things to say. My stay at Club One Seven was an amazing experience, not just for its beautiful hotel, room, and the scenic view of Mae Ping river, but most importantly, the companionship of warm and very nice people like Mr Tang the manager, Ken the bartender and all the other staff whose names skip my mind but their kindness and warmness remain in my heart.

Update : 02-07-2011


I stayed for 5 nights in C17 in Chiang mai, and everything was fine, the house is great, mister Tang and his Staff nows how too make you feel ad home. The Facilities are modern and clean, and make your stay very pleasant. The breakfast is oke (personally I would have liked is there was a small, Thai dish, liked baked rice) but that's just personal. The place is great and its location at the river is amazing. Can not wait to comeback and cna only recommend it too others. Mr Tang and Staff Thank you very much.

Update : 21-06-2011

Paul Harvey

To all the the wonderful staff and management at Club One Seven, Patong, I'd just like to say thank you for a wonderful stay. We had a great time and will definitely return. I'd recommend Club One Seven to any of my friends, and in fact already have. The friendliness, service and attentiveness of all your staff is exceptional. Thank you so much.

Update : 21-06-2011


Thanks so much to Daniel and all the guys at One Seven Phuket for the great week I spent there! Can't wait to come back and be mesmerised by the boys' beautiful smiles again soon!! :-)

Update : 19-06-2011

Sam Perry

Dear Daniel and your wonderful family, As the rain comes down in London I think back just a couple of weeks and Club 17 seems a world away already, yet always like a home I can return to. Your hospitality is second to none. I have stayed (and worked) in some of the best luxury of the hospitality industry around the world and would advise anyone to choose feeling at home and part of the Club 17 family any day. The location was perfect, the gym was great (there is nothing you cant do without a good set of heavy free weights), the little touches of the different towel shapes on the bed were memorable, all the staff were so friendly and caring, the food was the best in Phuket, and above all you simply are the greatest host I have ever met (and that coming from someone who also prided on being a great host and cruise director). I will be back. Love and Light to you all, always. Sam London June 2011

Update : 12-06-2011

Brian and Songkran

Dear Tang and Staff, thank you for the great time we had at Club One Seven, Chiang Mai. Lovely rooms, great breakfasts and more than adequate facilities. We will certainly be back. Hey Daniel and Mack hope you are well. Best wishes to all C17 in staff in HKT & CM from Songkran and Brian. (Thailand and South Africa)

Update : 25-05-2011

Stan Zuba

What a great time we had in Chang Mai! Club one seven was a great place to stay - the manager and staff were outstanding and so kind and helpful. Ken was especially adorable! Thanks again for a super time.

Update : 21-05-2011

jack magord

J was in club one seven Chiang Mai 5 days and it was a very nice stay. The place is charming not very far from city centre, there is a very good staff with Tang as manager and they their best to give to clients a very good service. Ratio quality/price is rather good. Rooms are nice and breakfast good quality.If you look for a good hotel in Chiang Mai you must book at Club One Seven.

Update : 21-05-2011

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